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Benefits of Fabricating Custom Metal Sheets

Benefits of Fabricating Custom Metal Sheets

Engineers have produced several specialized stainless steel sheet metal shapes for clients to assist with complex production problems using a range of advanced tools and techniques.

Why choose a customized sheet metal fabrication over a stock metal tray or basket?

While a standard sheet metal type is a proven template that can be generated quickly—or could already be available for immediate shipping—using a custom sheet metal product has a number of advantages:

Extended Useful Life

One of the most significant advantages of using a sheet metal component that has been designed for your given function is that it is made to withstand the pressures of your operations.

When working with market sheet metal trays or other items, they would have been manufactured to a specification. The sheet metal in a custom metal shape will be constructed of an alloy that is especially resilient to the chemicals, pressures, and temperatures involved in your operation. Assume you have a procedure that involves the use of saltwater spray. Basic steel will not last long in this situation because the chlorides (salt) in the water would quickly corrode it.

A custom sheet metal type made of Grade 316 stainless steel, on the other hand, can easily withstand this operation.

Only this one modification, this one variation, will significantly extend the sheet metal form’s useful life. This, in turn, helps to significantly reduce the TCO for sheet metal goods because they won’t need to be replaced as often.

The best part is you can easily get sheet metal customized nowadays. When it comes to sheet metal fabrication Victoria has so many places you can go to.

Integration with Your Parts

Standard sheet metal types are often used for generic parts such as housings for desktop hard disk drives. Many suppliers, however, need more specialized models for their own manufacturing processes.

Customizing the shape and scale of a sheet metal type allows it to be compatible with a variety of unique hardware—hardware that a pre-existing template not made for a specific computer cannot match optimally.

For instance, if the internal dimensions of a sanitation tank for a health industrial process were 12” x 36”, then a medical component tray that was as approximate to these dimensions (without impeding machinery or inset/retrieval) would have been the best choice for maximizing performance in terms of total number of sanitized pieces per load.

Enhanced Process Productivity

It is possible to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a process by design and optimization of a sheet metal form to the needs of that process. The previous example of optimizing per load capacity is one approach, but it is not the only one.

Another way to increase process performance is to reduce the amount of time it takes to transition from one method to the next. This can be accomplished by making the metal sheet forms compliant with several processes, allowing the same trays or baskets to be used separately without requiring parts to be moved to a separate, single-application basket or tray.

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