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5 Tips to Keeping A Squeaky-Clean Home

5 Tips to Keeping A Squeaky-Clean Home

Who wouldn’t want a clean home? The below points would help you keep your house in pristine condition. Read ahead.

Have a Routine

Regularly cleaning might be a headache. Make things easier by turning it into a routine. Over time, you’d feel uneasy if you have not cleaned according to your schedule.

Start by tending to your bedroom every morning and doing the dishes every night. There’s nothing worse than dirty dishes piling up.

When it comes to cleaning, you can limit the muck in the house by making people remove their shoes before walking in.


There may be a lot of unwanted items that you can get rid of. Not only would they be taking up space, but they would be collecting dust too. If you have a lot of furniture, the interior would look smaller. This is incentive enough to get rid of the ones in excess.

Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to go through your belongings.

Install Air Purifiers

It might be a good idea for you to purchase an air purifier. As its name suggests, it would suck the air in the vicinity and filter out any impurities. They may not be needed in all homes – if you live in an area that’s polluted, they’d be must-have inclusions.

You probably have an air conditioner. If it’s a more expensive one, it would have a filter system. It could even remove pathogens that might be in the air.

Remove Any Carpets

The floors in your home may be covered by carpets. They act as layers protecting what’s underneath. However, the carpets would absorb whatever is dropped; you’d likely see thousands of stains. What’s worse is that they collect dust and grime in their grooves.

If you have beautiful hardwood floors, not having them covered up would make the interior look much more luxurious.

Speaking of floors, some fling off dirt much easier than others. Wood is a perfect example. Due to how good wood floors look, you’d think they would cost a lot. If you’re interested in discount flooring in Melbourne, shops offer wood options at cheaper rates.

Similar to wood, tile is a breeze to clean. Depending on the type you pick up, the price you’d have to pay would differ, though. Marble can cost an arm and a leg.

Be Wary of Pet Fur

Pet fur is one of the hardest things you could clean. If your cat or dog is allowed on furniture, you need to stop this. Regularly groom your pets as well – this would get rid of any hair that might fall off.

Final Thoughts

To sum everything that was mentioned, there is quite a lot of ways you can make your home cleaner. One of the best would be to make cleaning a routine so that you always stay on top of things. From everything discussed, one of the easiest would be to not let your pet on your furniture. His fur might get stuck on the fabric.

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