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How to Accessorize Your Living Room?

How to Accessorize Your Living Room?

A living room is the first room that someone walks into when they visit your house. It is usually the place for the first impression and is therefore important to make sure they get a good one. A living room consists of couches, coffee tables and anything else that make up sitting and living space.

However, couches and tables are not the only thing that is included in a living room. it is also a place that can be tastefully decorated and accessorized. This room sets the tone for the rest of the house and therefore should be designed to bring out the best. You do not necessarily have to spend thousands but simply be creative and smart. Here are some easy ways to accessorize your living room.

Lamps to light up

As much as lamps are for providing light it is mostly used for decorative purposes and for aesthetic. They are the kind of ornament that can fit in anywhere in a loving room if it matches the layout and colours.

You can have a statement lamp that is the first thing you notice when you walk in. It can either match the colours of the living room for an elegant overall look or it can be a bold, stand out colour that catches the eye immediately. It also looks cosy when you light it in a dark room and is ideal if you want minimal lighting to create a relaxed environment.

Rugs and carpets

A rug or carpet has the ability to bring a space from a four to a good ten simply because of the style and elegance a carpet or rugs provide. If you want to add an elegant piece of furnishings to tie up the entire look of a living room a carpet is the best idea.

Think of a good living room rug placement and add one that perfectly fits the space. It can be colourful, geometrical shapes, dark wool or even a woven carpet. These are long term investment so make sure to get one that will fit in regardless of the other furnishing colours.

Themed furnishings

Furniture is a long-term investment; it is not something you change annually or even after a few years. There is a good chance that couch you bought 5 years ago when you first moved in is still the same one sitting in your living room. However, although you cannot really change the furniture, the furnishings can be. Cushion covers, curtains and coffee table ornaments can be changed for different seasons or simply because you need a change.

Revamp the faded cushion covers with new bright colours or deep hues for a classy look. Curtains are not cheap so changing these every few months are probably not the best idea, although you can re- decorate for different occasions and seasons. You can have a summer set that are lighter and brighter colours with thicker, deeper colours for winter. Changing just a few statement furnishings can add a new dynamic to the living room.

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