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How To Give Your Bedroom A Makeover

How To Give Your Bedroom A Makeover

Having a beautiful bedroom is the dream of many. To achieve a dream bedroom is not difficult. With few adjustments you can also have this amazing, elegant bedroom.

Plan the layout

Before starting, you need to have a plan. You need to first decide what kind of bedroom you are going for, is it something vintage or modern. If you don’t know what kind of bedroom style you want you can look up online for different inspiration and modify it as you, please.

Once you have decided what bedroom style you want you can draw a picture of it as this would give you an idea to work on.


Bedroom makeovers can be done even without spending much. You can get many things for cheap at thrift shops or even find cheap bed frames online. If price is not an issue, then you change the whole furniture in your bedroom and give it a new look.

Evaluate your bedroom

In many houses, the bedroom is an area that is almost like a store room, it can be really messy. Look around your bedroom and see what things need to kept and what things need to be thrown and what do you love about your bedroom. Once you identify what you don’t need from your bedroom you have to first get rid of it.

Change the paint of the room

Colour has a great impact on one’s perception and mood which is why changing the colour of the bedroom can instantly bring a new look to your room. The colour you choose for your bedroom should reflect your personality and something that is pleasing to your eye. If you are person who loves nature you may want to consider a soft green or yellow as the paint for your room.

If you want to create a more glamorous or modern feeling to your bedroom you can go for deep colours like dark blue or grey. If you want a bright room you can opt for white or peach colour. Although you can paint the wall in any colour you want it is best to avoid bold colours like red or orange because these colours are less likely to relax you.

Give your bed a new look

Once you are done with changing the paint, you can now adjust the furniture in the bedroom starting with the bed. If you wish you can bring in a new bed or you can even upgrade your bed by changing the bedding. When it comes to bedding it is best to keep it simple, get a bedding of white or light colours as it gives the room a neat, clean and fresh look. You can also add extra pillows and blanket to give the room a cosy feeling

Accessorize the room

Now you can add other details to your room. Bring in new painting and hang it on the wall. You can also invest on bedside lighting. Have a small comfy chair in the corner of your room.

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