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Current Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Current Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Our bathrooms should be a place for us to relax and have time to ourselves. If your bathroom is not providing you a haven you could retreat to for some quality time, perhaps you should consider renovating it.

To fully maximize your bathroom’s potential to be a sanctuary, get inspired with the latest trends in bathroom renovations this year.

Luxurious showers

Studies have shown that people use their showers twice a day and those women spend at least 20 minutes in the bathroom every time. Since we are spending this much time in this particular space in our home, it is imperative that we ensure it has an atmosphere that welcome prolonged stay.

One of the renovations we could do is to install luxurious shower heads with various water pressure. Go for waterfall shower heads to feel truly relaxed and calm instead of the usual shower heads that only has one water setting.

Earth colours

To truly evoke the feeling of being in a spa retreat, choose to have your bathroom painted in earth colours. In fact, you should not constrain yourself to using earth colours just in your bathroom. You could even use these colours in other parts of your home since they give off a warm and natural mood, especially if you have wooden furniture or you have lots of indoor plants.

Using earth colours is a trendy design now that most homeowners have fully embraced. For inspiration, learn more about bathroom and kitchen renovations here and how you could incorporate these warm tones to your bathroom makeover project.

Smart technology

To do our bit in saving the environment, employ smart technology in your bathroom to limit water usage and to make sure lights are turned off when not in use. Your bathroom could also be programmed according to your preference such as the water temperature or you could even have hands free and sensor activated faucets. There are numerous ways smart technology could make baths more fun and relaxing. Having the technology when you do your bathroom renovation is not just a luxury now, it’s a necessity.

Bold basins

Basins are not just there anymore for you to wash your face or for brushing your teeth. They are statement pieces now in every bathroom and are usually what ties the whole look of one. Imagine your guest bathroom. Your guests who would come and visit your home (those who would not be spending the night) would normally only use your bathroom for washing their hands and for peeing.

They would not step into the shower or use your tub. Your basin and your toilet would have to do the heavy lifting of impressing them. If your basin is scrappy or mismatched, they would not be impressed even if you have a ceramic tub or a pulsating shower head because they are already disappointed from your dingy basin.

These are just some of the current trends in bathroom renovations. Start small in your renovation and don’t try to overdo by following all the trends. Choose what will work according to your bathroom size and of course, budget.

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