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6 Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

6 Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

A housewarming is basically a small function to welcome someone to your new home, while some like to make a grand appearance while throwing a huge others prefer to have a small gathering of friends and family for a meal.

Either way a housewarming is a thrilling experience as you finally invite the closet and dearest to your new crib. However, if you are a guest then you have to come up with a gift as you cannot go empty handed. So, what do you get someone who is moving into their new home? Here are some cool and thoughtful housewarming gift ideas that will definitely make someone happy.


When someone first moves into a new house, they will probably not have them many curtaining, bed sheets or even house wear linen such as cushion covers and table cloths etc. therefore this makes a perfect housewarming gift. So, if you are looking to get them table linen or bed linen NZ has online stores that offer a variety of styles and patterns that will fit everyone’s needs.

Cookbooks and wine

If you are visiting someone who loves to cook then you can guarantee that you are going to get a belly full so why not add into their passion. It is true people nowadays very rarely use a cookbook but a great cook will have a recipe book they want written by another great chef.

And if you are not sure about the cookbook but still want to get something related then get them a great bottle of wine. This can be a cooking wine or something to sip and enjoy when they’re cooking or just relaxing.


A home is as homely as you make it. If this person is an artist or loves having their walls decorated with different pieces of art then you know what exactly to get them. The type of art will depend on their preference but there are plenty of online stores that sell paintings or art and even ensure safe shipping. Get them their first piece of art to have in their new home.

Something personalized

We all have a hobby and passion that we enjoy having in our homes so get them a gift that you know they will enjoy. Books, toiletries such as bath robes or even ornaments that they can keep as memorabilia. This is a great idea if you know them well too.


Who does not love getting a fancy rug? Rugs and carpets are some of the simple pleasures or life and any one would be happy to get it as a gift. Rugs of different shapes and sizes are available on many online stores that are affordable too.

Home appliances

Home need home appliances and when you move in you will probably not have all the necessary items. Home appliances could range from kitchen too and would be a perfect gift in order to get someone ready to moving into their new house.

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