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Most Popular Types of House Cladding

Most Popular Types of House Cladding

Boosting your home’s curb appeal has become a popular aspect of home décor in the past few years. If you want your home to stand out among the rest of the houses in your street, installing an exterior house cladding is one of the best and most effective way. Whether your house is brand new or you just want to touch up the aesthetics of an old home, a good house cladding definitely does the trick.

Aside from improving the beauty of your home, exterior cladding also serves as an added protection to your home’s structure. It shields the exterior of your home from the natural elements such as sunlight, rain, snow and wind, protecting and slowing its deterioration process. Since there are plenty of house cladding options to choose from, it might be confusing to find which one is good for your home. To help you out, here are some of the most popular choices among homeowners.

Brick Cladding

If you want a classic vintage look for your home, brick wall cladding is a perfect choice. It looks strikingly beautiful and have amazing features such as fire resistance and waterproofing, making your home more durable against damaging factors. Brick cladding is also sustainable since the old ones are usually crushed and reused to create new bricks.

Natural Stone Cladding

If you want to add value to your modern home, natural stone cladding is just a great choice. It makes your home look naturally beautiful and adds an extra protection against moisture and precipitation. Natural stone cladding is commonly used around pool areas, fountains, columns, and feature walls but you can still use it wherever you want. Are you looking for stone wall cladding? Check out these unique range of stylish and durable stone wall claddings perfect for home or commercial use.

Timber Cladding

Another good cladding material that would give your home a naturally beautiful finish is timber cladding. It gives your home a more natural and Zen feel while adding resilience to your walls, whether it is used on the exterior or interior parts. Most timber cladding feature termite resistance, making it durable for long term use. Although it is made from wood, you could expect it to last long because of the quality of timber used to make it.

Vinyl Cladding

If durability is the most important aspect, you’re looking for in a wall cladding, vinyl is the best material for you. There are plenty of different finishes to choose from depending on which suits your home’s décor the most. The best thing about vinyl cladding aside from its durability is the acoustic efficiency it adds to your home when you install it. Vinyl is extremely durable that it doesn’t peel, crack, or rot easily plus it could even withstand the harsh weather conditions, protecting your home’s exterior for a long time.

If you’re still not sure which one is best for your home, you could consult an expert to help you make the best choice and even explore the other wall cladding options you have.

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