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Benefits of Using Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Wall Panels

Benefits of Using Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Wall Panels

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is made up of cement, silica sand, lime that is subjected to high pressure, high temperature and steam curing. This is a material that has high thermal insulation and sound insulation along with fire resistant properties. You can find these in blocks and panels.

Hebel panels that are made up of AAC are lightweight panels that can effectively reduce the dead load of a building. This can reduce construction costs as well. A 125mm thick panel of AAC has a fire rating of four hours. This is great when it comes to partitioning interior space or if you are using the panels for load bearing purposes, some reinforcement is required. The thermal insulation of a 125mm thick panel is the same as that of an ordinary brick wall. This saves a lot of space when you take the overall area that this material occupies. It can provide a solution for partitioning in narrow spaces so that you can maximise on the available area. The cost of construction for the walls will also be reduced as there is no plastering to be done. You can look at using other materials such as double glazed glass together with AAC panels to ensure that you fortify your building envelope for higher thermal resistance. This way the indoor temperature of your home or office can be maintained at one level easily. You can ensure that the building services are more efficient which requires for reduced stress on air conditioning and heating systems that in turn lower your overall utility bills.

Sound insulation is another benefit of AAC panels and you are able to get a sound insulation index of 45dB when a 120mm thick panel is used and a 48dB sound insulation index for a 150mm thick panel. AAC is a highly porous material and this is what contributes to its sound insulation property. It will stay stable in the event of an earthquake as well. AAC blocks are great as a sustainable building material. Reinforcement for the AAC panel can be provided in the form of reinforced mesh within the panel which will further increase its strength when it comes to applications of external wall panelling, roof panels, floor panels etc.

There is a lot of creativity to be explored when using AAC panels as you can use different finishes on top to produce whatever effect you want. AAC panels can be used with a variety of other building materials as well. It can be used for the purpose of fire protection for steel structures, frame structures, electrical chasing etc. If you want to have a music room in your house, this is a good material to build it in as you will have sound insulation as well as a larger area because of the small thickness. AAC panels can be used for renovations where you need to be careful about adding new loads, internal and external partition walls and interior decoration elements.

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