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What You Need for a Good Bathroom Design

What You Need for a Good Bathroom Design

You wake up and go to the bathroom and this is what you see at the start of the day. The same thing happens at night as you will go there to brush your teeth and then go back to sleep. So you need to make sure that the bathroom is easy to use and it appeals to your preferences as it can be a great help to see something lovely at the beginning and end of each day.

The layout is very important when it comes to the functionality of the design. If you find it hard to manoeuvre in the space that you have now or the fittings are outdated or you find many issues such as mould or leaking, you can contact a company for home and bathroom renovation Rye. They can visit your home and see what the issue is and what can be done to increase the efficiency of the layout. You need to separate the dry and wet areas of the bathroom first. This is for safety and practicality. So you will first have the wash basin and the mirror, then the WC and then the shower at the very end. This is also how we use the bathroom. The shower will not be used most of the times that you visit the bathroom. So it makes sense to keep the most used fittings in the front. Then there are certain ergonomics that you need to stick to such as the height to the top of the sink counter and the distance to be kept between the sink counter and the WC so that a person can use the bathroom with ease.

You should also think about privacy when you design a toilet. Think about where you locate the door and what the first thing you see from the door first. You need to make sure that the WC and the shower cannot be seen from the first glimpse into the room. Placement of the window is also critical. It should be placed high enough so that nobody can glimpse into the shower from outside. When you have a powder room, you need to think about whether it can be seen from the living area or not. It should be located close to the living area but should not be openly seen by anyone walking by.

Make sure that you have plenty of storage in the bathroom. You may have a medicine cabinet and you will need to keep certain makeup or skincare items. You can ensure that the sink counter has sufficient space so that you can have some shelves or drawers below. You can also have some mirror finished doors if you are having shelving above the counter. Think about where you are placing the towels and additional toiletries. Bathrooms can get wet very easily so you need to be very careful in selecting materials for the floor so that there is no slipping hazard. Make sure that there is a rough surface below your feet. If you have seniors using the bathroom, it is best to install some grab bars to make manoeuvering easy for them.

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