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Spa Accessories You Should Have in Your Home Spa

Spa Accessories You Should Have in Your Home Spa

Having a spa at home is simply perfect. After a long day out, there’s a spa waiting in your home where you could soak and relax to soothe your tired body. It can even be used as an added feature if you’re hosting parties in your home. Adding a spa in your home is truly a worth it investment you could enjoy for many years to come.

Your spa won’t be complete without the essential accessories. These add-ons make you spa experience more fun, convenient, and safer a well. Whether you have a two-seater spa or a huge one, here are the must-have accessories you’ll need.

Spa Steps

Spa steps are one of the basic and essential accessories for your spa. It can be difficult and even dangerous to get in and out of your spa without the steps. Adding some spa steps can make it easier and safer to use your spa. There are plenty of options available that could range up to 4 steps and some even come with railings for more safety. Choose one that fits your spa perfectly from the size and design as well.

Chlorine Floater

Just like a pool, you also need to add some chlorine tablets into your spa to maintain a clean water. Instead of just putting those tablets in, you could use a chlorine floater to add more beauty into your spa while holding the chlorine or bromine tablets. Now you can sanitize your spa water with style.

Aromatherapy Products

While the spa itself is already relaxing, you can still make your spa experience even more soothing and calming by incorporating aromatherapy in it. Aromatherapy helps set the mood you want in your spa. Usually, these products come in liquid form but you can also find aromatherapy crystals available. Since they are specially made for spas, you don’t have to worry about these products clogging or ruining the water chemistry.

Spa Vacuum

One of the common problems of spa owners is the dirt that accumulates at the bottom of the spa. It is natural since this dirt comes from our body. The more the spa is used, the more dirt goes into the water and settles into the bottom of the spa. A spa vacuum makes cleaning a lot easier and faster than before. This device suctions the dirt that settles at the steps, seats, and floor of the spa so you don’t actually need to drain everything just to remove that unsightly dirt.

Oil and Scum Remover

Aside from dirt, oil and scum also accumulates at the water surface messing up the waterline. They come from natural body oils, lotions, cosmetics, and other oil-based products we put on our body. To clean the scum easily, simply place a couple of oil and scum removers into the water. They are made from absorbent foam material which floats on the spa water surface and absorbs the oil residues.

With those spa accessories, you can have a more enjoyable time in your home spa.

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