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Tips for Achieving the Perfect Finish with Interior Painting

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Finish with Interior Painting

Painting your home can transform it instantly into something fresh and new. Many times, we tend to get a little tired of the interior colour theme after some time. And over time, paint can start to fade, peel, crack and show signs of wear.

You need to carry out some research when selecting a painter. You can search “where to find a painter in Melbourne” on a search engine to be presented with painters in your vicinity. The final finish of the paint relies squarely on the skill of the painter. So you need to select someone with good experience. There are also many tips and tricks that they have learned in their long years of profession to achieve the perfect finish. Preparation of the surfaces is very important when it comes to achieving a smooth and flawless result. You can use a tack cloth which is quite affordable to clean the surfaces. It will completely remove debris from the surface. However, this should only be used on smaller surfaces such as doors, cabinets, trim etc.  You can also use a damp cloth as long as all the water is wrung out of it before you start wiping the surfaces.

Painting should be done with high quality equipment and tools. Many times, homeowners don’t place much importance on the quality of brushes and roller covers. But when you use poor quality and cheap roller covers, you will start to see lint on the walls. This fizz will mix with the paint and dry on the wall leaving you with a textured bumpy wall that will be very difficult to rectify. When you use cheap paint brushes, there will be streaks and brush marks left on the walls and ceilings. High quality brushes will not do this and you will be able to get a better result in the end. Paying a little extra for these tools in the beginning will make a big difference in the end.

You should have an idea of the existing surface will take in the new paint and hold it for a long time. A good tip to find this out is to paint a small sample on the wall and let it dry. Afterwards, you have to paste some fresh duct tape over the spot and remove it. If you see many flakes of paint on the duct tape, then you may need to scrape the surface again and sand. However, having microscopic particles of paint come off is perfectly normal. The paint you use should also be high quality. Even if you use quality tools and an experienced painter, the damage done by cheap paint cannot be rectified. Higher quality paints have a higher level of solids that helps to build up good paint. And when you use high quality paint, it will last a long time without fading and looking worn out. This way, you will not need to repaint so soon afterwards which can save you a bit of money.

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