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Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool Pump?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool Pump?

The pool pump that you purchase may be the single most critical piece of equipment that you will purchase for your pool. Why? Because it will decide the rate at which water circulates in your pool, which is essential for keeping a healthy swimming pool and guaranteeing the lifespan of pool equipment. When looking for the finest pool pumps for your pool, there are many different considerations you should make.

1. Pool Size- One of the most significant aspects to take into account is the capacity of your swimming pool in litres, which refers to the total volume of water that is contained inside your swimming pool. This is because you will need to compute the flow rate of your pool every hour, which is denoted by the unit LPM (litres per minute), to determine whether or not the pool pump is suitable for the dimensions of your pool. To determine what size pump is appropriate for your pool, you must first determine its volume in litres. Contact Pool Equipment Australia if you want to get yourself some great pool equipment.

2. Power- In the world of pools, there is a widespread misunderstanding that the greater the power, the better. You will have to select a pump that has the necessary horsepower to both clean the pool and recirculate the water that is contained inside it. However, you should begin by determining the maximum flow velocity that your filter is capable of handling. If you surpass this limit flow velocity with a pump that is too strong, you can run into issues with your swimming pool equipment that is irreversible and costly to fix.

3. Speed- Pool pumps that are capable of running at many speeds (look for dual, multi, or variable speed) utilise far less power than their one-speed pump equivalents, making them not only affordable but also more energy efficient. When additional power is required, the dual, multi, and adjustable speed pumps may be sped up, but they can also be set to operate at a slower pace so that they can filter.

4. Noise- One more item to think about is the amount of noise that is produced by your pump. Invest in a pool pump that has a low noise level while it is in operation so that you may use it during off-peak hours, when the price of power is lower, without being a nuisance to your neighbours. You may locate a pool pump that is less loud by reading reviews written by other customers or by reading the website’s description of the swimming pool pump and its specifications.

5. Convenience- You may not be familiar with pump timers, you might believe that all swimming pool pumps come equipped with a timer. However, this is not always the case; some pool pumps do not have this accessory. A pool controller, also known as a pool pump timer, is an essential piece of equipment to have if you wish to maintain the cleanliness of your pool while reducing the amount of money you spend on power and saving yourself the effort of turning your equipment on and off manually each day.

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