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Pre-Mix Concrete. The Benefits

Pre-Mix Concrete. The Benefits

You are probably already aware that there are several types of concrete in a range of textures, colours, and patternsavailable for various applications in the construction industry. Concrete has come a long way from the cold, boring grey slabs devoid of visual interest with each type of concrete having its purpose and set of benefits.There are three types of pre-mix concrete – shrink, transit and centralmixed concrete based on the mixture of materials.

Pre-mix concrete is one such amazing type that is gaining popularity around the world for its versatility and ease of use. Although pre-mix concrete has both commercial and residential uses, for the enthusiastic DIYer who loves working with concrete, it is a dream.

Pre-mix concrete or RMC is a type of concrete made out of cement, water, fine sand and coarse aggregates. It is environmentally friendly because the concrete is mixed in a factory to the required specs and transported to the site in a transit mixer, compared to concrete mixed on-site which causes noise pollution and air pollution. Purpose-specific pre-mix concrete used for DIY projects or residential applications comes inbags that are easy to handle.

A reduction in time and cost of construction is a clear benefit with ready-mix concrete. Time savings come about because the concrete is pre-mixed as per customer specifications at the factory or plant and then delivered to the customer’s site. Because of the precise proportions used in the mixing, the concrete turns out to be a lot more robust with no wastage of material as is regularly seen when mixing materials on site. Eliminating on-site mixing means eliminating the labour needed to do that which is another cost saving.

While concrete when compared to other construction materials is more eco-friendly because the materials used in the making of concrete are readily available. Because pre-mix concrete is delivered to the site, it eliminates the need and space to store any raw materials that go into the making of concrete on site.For the DIYer, the fact that leftover pre-mix concrete can be reused is a big plus.

With pre-mix concrete, there is also the advantage of greater quality. Pre-mix concrete is known for its consistency and as a result,is durable. The quality of the mix comes about because the materials that are used to create the concrete are used in exact proportions unlike when mixing traditional concrete on site. The quality of the concrete mix translates to durable, long-lasting construction projects.

Pre-mix concrete also delivers versatility, in that the mix is made as per customer specifications and is variable from project to project based on its requirements. The concrete ready mix can also be made in separate batches to suit the various requirements called for within a single project. For example, a batch can be mixed to suit the rooftop of a building vs. another mix required for constructing the pool and the driveway in the same project. 

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