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How to Choose Custom Timber Planter Boxes for Your Home

How to Choose Custom Timber Planter Boxes for Your Home

There are many decorative elements you can add to your home to create touches of beauty and elegance. Plants can always bring a touch of liveliness into the home and it will improve the aesthetics of your interior. These tend to add a lot of whimsy to the home and they can also be useful as you can grow herbs that can be used for food.

When choosing custom planter boxes Melbourne, you need to consider where these will be placed in your home. This will help you decide the sizes required. You have to measure the available space to ensure the box fits properly. For example, the planter box can be on a balcony or a deck. You can also use it in an outdoor seating area surrounded by the garden. These boxes will also be built with different types of timber. This will have an impact on its functionality and appearance. Some of the common timber types chosen for planter boxes are redwood, cedar, pine and teak. You need to consider the pros and cons of each type to decide which will suit your environment better. Some of the factors you need to check when deciding are the durability of the timber, appearance, colour, and level of resistance to insects and rot. You should also consider the weather conditions that are common to your area so that you can choose timber that can be used outdoors for a long time.

The design of the planter box has to be looked at as well.

Think about your home design along with what your outdoor space looks like. A modern home can have a minimal planter box design that has little to no decorative details. The finish can be very simple with one or two colours. The finish for a more rustic or traditional look can be different. A planter box with decorative details or a distressed finish can look great in a rustic home. You need to make sure that the design and style of the planter boxes complement the style of your home and the aesthetics of your outdoor space. You should also have proper drainage for plants. You need to check whether there are enough drainage holes for the plant you are considering. Having sufficient drainage holes ensure that waterlogging is prevented.

You should also consider how the plants will be watered.

There are some planter boxes that come with a built-in watering system where constant moisture to the plants will be provided. You will need to fill up the reservoir from time to time but this will ensure minimal maintenance. The design of the planter box should ensure convenience for you. And you can also ask the supplier about the level of customisation that can be achieved such as having different sizes, colours and finishes.  You can also ask for additional features such as dividers and trellises. By customising the planter box, you can make sure that it suits your requirements. You can design something unique for your home.

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